When the tree foliage is transformed into an array of iridescent colors and the morning fog hovers above the meadows, we see Salzburg at its most beautiful. No wonder that autumn is the most popular time of year for many. Yet still presenting all kinds of opportunities for excursions and hikes. You will find our tips for unforgettable autumnal experiences right here.

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  • Salzburger Freilichtmuseum

    If there is one season when the Salzburg Open-Air Museum is perhaps a little more beautiful than at other times of year, then it is autumn. As you walk through the forests and meadows, past centuries-old farmhouses and outbuildings, you might think you had accidentally stumbled into a time machine. Though, in this case, that would be quite unnecessary since the Open-Air Museum allows you to gain fascinating insights into this land and its people over the course of the centuries without needing to resort to advanced technology. Here you will also come across an historical 9-pin bowling lane, an old grocery store stocked with original products, along with an antique train that chugs through the museum grounds. New highlight: the winning pictures from the 6 x 6 photo marathon – six themes – six photographs.

    The Salzburg Open-Air Museum is open until the beginning of November. Precise opening times are posted on their website.

    Salzburg Open Air Museum
    Hasenweg 1
    5084 Großgmain

  • Grossglockner High Alpine Road

    Herrliche Gebirgswelt bei einer Fahrt auf der Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

    Autumn is also the season for hiking: As the days grow shorter and the first snows stick to the mountaintops, the time for people who truly appreciate the joys of hiking has come. This also applies to the magical landscapes of Hohe Tauern National Park which flank the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. There is even a special offer just for outdoor fans: “Golden Autumn Hiking”. For just 53 euros (status: October 2022), you can travel the Glockner Road toll-free for eight days. The offer also includes a Rother hiking guide containing some of the absolute best hikes alongside this scenic road.

    The Grossglockner High Alpine Road generally closes at the beginning of November depending on the weather conditions. For current opening times, please consult their website.

    Grossglockner High Alpine Road
    Taxenbacher Fusch 96
    5672 Fusch a. Großglocknerstrasse

  • Mauterndorf Castle

    So, are we going to take a hike or visit a sightseeing attraction? But why not both? In the Salzburger Lungau Region, Mauterndorf Castle invites you to embark on an adventurous journey back to the Middle Ages – including a big castle playground and an imposing fortified tower. Beforehand or afterwards, take a short hike along the new Panorama Path, enjoying nature along the way. There is even a drawbridge that is certain to capture your attention. Incidentally, did you know that Salzburg’s southernmost region is one of the sunniest places in all of Austria? That said, golden autumn is perhaps even more radiant here than it is elsewhere.

    Mauterndorf Castle closes at the beginning of November and reopens again as of January. For precise opening times, please check out their website.

    Mauterndorf Castle
    5570 Mauterndorf

  • Hellbrunn Trick Fountains

    Whether you are collecting chestnuts in the palace park, fish-watching by the ponds or taking an extended stroll through the autumnal forests which surround the Monatsschlössl: Hellbrunn is unquestionably at its most beautiful during the third season. And because autumn traditionally marks the beginning of the quieter time of year at the palace and its world-famous trick fountains, during your visit you will also have plenty of opportunity to relax and immerse yourself completely in the world of former Salzburg prince-archbishop Markus Sittikus.

    The palace and trick fountains close at the beginning of November (please consult their website). The palace park and grounds are open year-round.

    Hellbrunn Palace
    Fürstenweg 37
    5020 Salzburg

  • DomQuartier Salzburg

    Whenever the infamous Salzburg Schnürlregen rains strike with full force and the city is enveloped in a veil of wetness, you urgently need some kind of alternative to those outdoor excursions. And what better option for an “indoor day” than a visit to DomQuartier Salzburg? A unique tour unlike any other worldwide links the former center of the prince-archbishops’ power with the baroque heart of Salzburg. From the organ loft of the Cathedral to the state rooms of the Residenz, from the cabinet of curiosities of the prince-archbishops to the Residenz Gallery: It’s simply impossible to squeeze more art and culture into a single day!

    DomQuartier Salzburg
    Residenzplatz 1/Domplatz 1a
    5020 Salzburg

  • Hohensalzburg Fortress

    And now yet another perfect excursion tip for those rainy autumn days. Behind the guaranteed-waterproof walls of Hohensalzburg Fortress, all kinds of experiences await. Keeping your feet nice and dry, you will first ride the funicular up to Salzburg’s most iconic landmark. Having arrived at the top, a recently fully reconceived Panorama Tour will lead you between the fortified walls to the highest point in Salzburg – needless to say, with a jaw-dropping panorama included. Further highlights: The Princes’ Chambers with the Magical Theatre and a new exhibition in the Zeughaus, an interactive display revealing various secrets about the fortress’s defenses. And when, finally, the sun breaks through the clouds, you will be able to step out onto the bastions and take in the astonishing views of the “city of Mozart” below as well as the Alps off in the distance.

    Hohensalzburg Fortress
    Mönchsberg 34
    5020 Salzburg

  • World of Ice Giants Werfen

    The World of Ice Giants in Werfen is a natural monument that is unique worldwide. In autumn, the landscapes surrounding this famous ice cave are also at their most beautiful, turning any visit into an extraordinarily special experience. Once inside the interior of the fascinating ice cave, where it is a constant zero degrees Celsius year-round, you will be able to get mentally prepared for the winter yet to come.

The World of Ice Giants is open until the end of October. Please visit the website for further details.

    Eisriesenwelt Werfen
    Eishohlenstrasse 30
    5450 Werfen

  • Hohenwerfen Castle

    Naturally, autumn is also the season of all the eeriness associated with Halloween. A season of creepy creatures that haunt the night. What better choice, in other words, than a visit to Hohenwerfen Castle? There, a compelling special exhibition whisks young and old off into a world of witches and warlocks. There is something here for everyone, be that a ride on a witch’s broomstick or the scary events surrounding the Salzburg witch trials. In the course of a guided tour of the torture chamber and dungeon, the hair of many a visitor is certain to stand on end. If so much scariness is not necessarily your thing, why not visit the bird-of-prey show instead, or perhaps try your hand at some of the knightly games in the castle keep.

    Under normal circumstances, Hohenwerfen Castle closes between early and mid-November. For precise opening times, please visit the website.

    Hohenwerfen Castle
    Burgstraße 2
    5450 Werfen

  • Salzwelten Salzburg

    Salzwelten Salzburg & Keltendorf Drohnen Foto

    A nice-weather and bad-weather program all in one. That’s exactly what awaits you at Salzwelten Salzburg. In bad weather, deep inside the salt mine you are guaranteed to be protected against the rain. In nice weather, you will be captivated by the magical views of the autumnal Salzach river valley. And that is far from all: On Kelten.Erlebnis.Berg, there is an authentic replica of a Celtic village to explore, whilst in Austria’s first salt manufactory open to the public, you will personally see how delicate pyramids of salt grow and are then “harvested” by skilled professionals.

    Salzwelten Salzburg
    Ramsaustraße 3
    5422 Bad Dürrnberg