There are many things to discover in Salzburg. But where do you start? We have summarized the top sights and destinations for you, which you must not miss!

  • Eisenriesenwelt Werfen

    Detail Rauhreif Eiszwerge

    The Eisriesenwelt in Werfen is a true wonder of nature. The spectacular natural ice cave stretches out on over 40 kilometers of passages. The first cracks and fissures in the limestone rock are thought to have arisen at least 100 million years ago. Today, the giant ice world is dubbed “the greatest ice cave on earth” – and it is indeed impressive. Visitors will be enchanted by the crystal clear beauty of the ice worlds and the adventurous cave passages. An absolute must for all nature lovers.

    Eisriesenwelt Werfen
    Eishöhlenstrasse 30
    5450 Werfen

  • Kaprun High Mountain Reservoirs

    Laerchwand Schraegaufzug

    The high mountain reservoirs of Kaprun are also an impressive sight. They were created in the post-war period and were already ahead of their time. Today you can get there on Europe’s largest open inclined lift, take a tour of the dam wall, visit the Electricity Adventure World or scramble up the via ferrata Höhenburg – in the middle of the high alpine world of the Tauern mountains at over 2,000 meters above sea level. The mixture of nature and technology can be experienced first hand at the Kaprun high mountain reservoirs. Unforgettable!

    Kaprun High Mountain Reservoirs
    Ticket office: Kesselfallstraße 98
    5710 Kaprun

  • Grossglockner High Alpine Road

    Pasterze Swarovski Beobachtungswarte

    The Grossglockner High Alpine Road stretches – as its name suggests – 48 kilometers right into the heart of the High Tauern National Park up to 2,571 meters above sea level. There you can enjoy the fantastic mountain panorama and look directly at Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner. If you like to hike, go in the direction of the Gamsgrube, from which, if you are lucky, you will see ibex, chamois and other wild animals. An unforgettable nature experience with a breathtaking panoramic view!

    Grossglockner High Alpine Road
    Taxenbacher Fusch 96
    5672 Fusch a. Großglocknerstrasse

  • DomQuartier Salzburg


    A spectacular tour of the DomQuartier leads through the Residenz palace, the Salzburg Cathedral and the museum section of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter. Some of the passageways were closed for over 200 years. With the opening of the DomQuartier in 2014, previously closed rooms could finally be made accessible again. Particularly worth seeing are the expert tours on topics such as “The Art and Curiosity Chamber” or “Allegory. The Language of Pictures” and the views of the city of Salzburg, the city mountains and the fortress. Also worth seeing: the state rooms of the Residenz, the Residenz gallery, the Cathedral Archway Terrace and the Cathedral Museum.

    DomQuartier Salzburg
    Residenzplatz 1/Domplatz 1a
    5020 Salzburg

  • Salzwelten Salzburg & Celtic Mountain

    Salzwelten Salzburg Schaustelle

    If you wish to understand how the city of Salzburg gained the magnificent appearance we are familiar with today, you have to dig deep. In the truest sense of the word. At Salzwelten Salzburg, visitors deep inside the Dürrnberg learn how “white gold” from Hallein once provided the foundation for the wealth of the Salzburg prince-archbishops. Though there is no shortage of fun either, since the tour through the centuries-old mine tunnels also leads across a subterranean lake and down numerous miners’ slides. Back at the surface, Salina Celtic Village promises excitement for children and grown-ups alike. Here, you are able to experience firsthand how the Celts once lived on the Dürrnberg. The neighboring salt manufactory on Kelten.Erlebnis.Berg allows you to watch the “pan master” go about his craft. With boundless love and skill, he creates a truly special salt, whose secret lies in the pyramid shape of its crystals.

    Salzwelten Salzburg
    Ramsaustraße 3
    5422 Bad Dürrnberg

  • Hohensalzburg Fortress

    Festung Hohensalzburg Ausflug

    Hohensalzburg Fortress towers high above the roofs of the Baroque old town. It is probably THE landmark of Salzburg and was built over 900 years ago. Today, it is Europe’s largest fully preserved, medieval 11th century castle complex. Lurking in the castle walls are countless legends, stories and myths of bygone days waiting to be discovered. At the fortress, you will embark on a journey back in time to medieval Salzburg and you can end your visit with a culinary break in the castle tavern or in the fortress restaurant.

    Hohensalzburg Fortress
    Mönchsberg 34
    5020 Salzburg

  • Hellbrunn Palace & the Trick Fountains

    Venusgrotte Amor Hellbrunn

    When the trick fountains in Hellbrunn suddenly start to spray water, it’s possible that you or someone else will receive an unexpected shower. From all the nozzles and fountains the water sprays – but we are of course not made of sugar! The patron of the palace in Hellbrunn, Prince-Archbishop Markus Sittikus, had this facility built in 1615. An exciting exhibition lets visitors immerse themselves in its fascinating Baroque world of ideas. Even a real unicorn can be admired here!

    Hellbrunn Palace
    Fürstenweg 37
    5020 Salzburg

  • Salzburg Open Air Museum

    Landwirtschaft historisch besucher

    The Salzburg Open Air Museum exhibits 100 original buildings from 600 years of history. You will find buildings from the fields of agriculture, crafts, trades and industry, which can be examined inside and out. The Open Air Museum also houses an adventure playground, a butterfly adventure trail and a small animal enclosure. If your feet hurt, you can either go to the natural Kneipp bath or take a ride on the museum train, which will help you to get around the area comfortably.

    Salzburg Open Air Museum
    Hasenweg 1
    5084 Großgmain

  • Hohenwerfen Fortress

    Burg Hohenwerfen

    Above the Salzach valley on a 155 meter high rocky prominence stretches the Hohenwerfen Fortress. In the late Middle Ages, the castle served as a defensive fortification. Young and old can feel the 900 years history at Hohenwerfen and explore the fortress during an adventure tour. On the route are, among other things, the castle chapel, the pitch kitchen, the armory, the bell tower and the restored state room. The birds of prey show at the historic Provincial Falconry Center is also especially exciting. Don’t forget your camera!

    Hohenwerfen Fortress
    Burgstraße 2
    5450 Werfen

  • Mauterndorf Castle

    Burg Mauterndorf Aussenansicht

    Since the 11th century Mauterndorf has played an important role as a toll castle on the trade route across the Alps. The castle is said to have been built around 326 AD according to ancient finds on a Roman fortification. Today Mauterndorf Castle invites you to explore on your own and can be investigated individually with the help of an audio guide. Among other things, you will find life-size figures, a wardrobe full of medieval clothing for dressing up, a rock cellar and a cozy castle tavern. Visitors to the 700-year-old tower can expect a fantastic view across the Lungau region.

    Mauterndorf Castle
    5570 Mauterndorf

  • Krimml Worlds of Water

    Wasserspass Experimente Wasserillusionen

    Everything here revolves around the element of water. The most awe-inspiring of which are certainly the famous waterfalls, which can be examined in the associated waterfall center with underwater adventure world. Exhibitions, an interactive water cinema, an aquapark and a Kneipp bath facility for young and old are just a few of the many attractions at the Krimml Worlds of Water. On the terrace of the WasserWunderBar there is also a special panoramic view that invites you to marvel and linger.

    Krimml Worlds of Water
    5743 Krimml