Destinations in Salzburg you must see

Finally, I'm ready to experience so much more again: If that resolution is also on your to-do list, then we have just what you are looking for. The year has twelve months, and in each of those months Salzburg City and Salzburger Land have countless experiences to offer. So let’s get started!

January Hohensalzburg Fortress

In the summer months, things at Hohensalzburg Fortress can get quite busy. No wonder really, since Salzburg's most prominent landmark is also one of the most popular excursion destinations in Austria. Which makes January an ideal time to explore this over 1,000-year-old edifice at your leisure. Not only will you be able to admire the fascinating Princes' Chambers, but also discover the recently opened Panorama Tour, leading through the fortress walls to the highest point of the city. And don't forget your camera!

Hohensalzburg Fortress - The hornwork on the panoramic tour
Hohensalzburg Fortress - The hornwork on the panoramic tour

February DomQuartier Salzburg

When the winter has lasted far too long and your longing for springtime grows ever greater, a visit to DomQuartier Salzburg can be particularly rewarding. As you gaze upon the Baroque magnificence, you will quickly forget those winter blues, and your imagination will embark on a marvelous journey of its own. For example, as you peruse all kinds of fabulous creatures in  the prince-archbishops' Chamber of Curiosities. Or as you visit the state rooms, where once the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart earned his first musical spurs.

DomQuartier Salzburg - Visitors in the long gallery St. Peter with paintings
DomQuartier Salzburg - Visitors in the long gallery St. Peter with paintings

March Open-Air Museum

When, in March, the snowdrops shimmer on the forest floor and the first warm days invite you to leave the zipper of your winter jacket a little bit open, your yearning for more sunshine also increases. It is then that many are drawn to take their first excursion of the springtime, to the Salzburg Open-Air Museum. Between beautifully preserved historic buildings brought in from all regions of Salzburg province, you can bask to your heart's content in the spring sun and perhaps even celebrate the arrival of milder temperatures with a beer enjoyed in the garden of the Salettl.

Salzburg Open Air Museum - Visitors in front of the Abrahamhof in the Lungau section
Salzburg Open Air Museum - Abrahamhof

April Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountains

Spring feelings and Hellbrunn: a perfect match. If you already have butterflies in your tummy, we suggest grabbing the hand of the person you love and whisking them away to this magically charming palace and its vast gardens. If, on the other hand, you are still "looking", this is the ideal spot to generate some endorphins surrounded by unicorns and heavenly messengers. And who knows: Maybe Amor will pull an arrow from his quiver while you are here! Be that as it may: Hellbrunn is always well worth a visit.

Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains - Unicorn Statue Backlit by Sunbeams in the Park
Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains - Unicorn Statue

May Mauterndorf Castle

By May, spring has already well and truly arrived even in the mountain regions. High time, in other words, to pay a visit to Mauterndorf Castle, from where you can experience the immense beauty of the Salzburger Lungau first-hand. As of only recently, a magical Panorama Path leads around the castle - featuring picture-postcard motifs and even a drawbridge. Beforehand or afterwards, the medieval toll castle invites you to embark on a journey back in time. Fun and excitement for the whole family is guaranteed! Insider tip for foodies: At the Burgschenke tavern, they cook delicious dishes that celebrate regional ingredients.

Mauterndorf Castle - children dressed as knights at knight games
Mauterndorf Castle - Knight games for children

June Kaprun High Mountain Reservoirs

When nature and technology come together, it is impossible not to marvel. And there's no better proof of that, than the Kaprun High Mountain Reservoirs. In the 1950s, it was here that they created an imposing masterpiece of engineering at 2000 meters above sea level. A highly rewarding place to visit, not only for technology geeks! Many different hikes also begin here, treating you to unobstructed views of the Hohe Tauern alpine world. Meanwhile, adrenaline addicts can test their mettle clambering up a spectacular fixed-cable climb attached to the actual wall of the dam itself! If preferred, ably accompanied by an experienced mountain guide.

Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - Couple with backpacks hiking at Mooserboden reservoir
Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - Mooserboden reservoir

July Krimml Water Worlds

When, in July, things really heat up, there is also an increasing demand for excursion destinations where magical experiences go hand-in-hand with a chance to cool down. If there were ever a sightseeing attraction that fit that bill, it would most definitely be Krimml Waterfalls. The fine mists thrown off my the gigantic cascades aren't only a natural asthma spray, they also provide for pleasant refreshment. And right next to the falls, Krimml Worlds of Water guarantees lots of fun for young and old. The ultramodern visitor center features an interactive exhibit about water along with a big outdoor water parcourse. That said, even when the temperatures push beyond 30 degrees Celsius, here the refreshment opportunities are never in short supply.

Krimml Worlds of Water - Woman in front of the impressive Krimml Waterfalls
Krimml Worlds of Water - Krimml Waterfalls

August Giant Ice Caves Werfen

In August, too, SalzburgerLand offers a perfect alternative to any heatwaves. While the rest of the country is sweltering through "dog days" at 30 degrees and above, this is an ideal opportunity to pay a visit to the Giant Ice Caves outside Werfen. The world's biggest ice cave isn't only a unique natural wonder that you won't soon forget. Inside the mountain, the temperature lingers around freezing point all summer long. That said: Don't forget your sweater and a sturdy pair of shoes!

Eisriesenwelt Werfen Giant Ice Caves - A man with lantern on the ice in the cave
Eisriesenwelt Werfen Giant Ice Caves - Ice formations in the cave

September Grossglockner High Alpine Road

As the days slowly grow shorter and the "golden season" makes a gradual entrance, this is also an excellent time to pay a visit to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. In late summer, outdoor fans find ideal conditions to go hiking and mountaineering. Though you don't have to sweat to discover astonishing vistas. Along this famous scenic road, you will find numerous fascinating stops and sightseeing opportunities. Most prominent of which is the Kaiser-Franz-Josephs-Höhe, where you are treated to magical views of the Pasterze glacier as well as numerous exhibitions about the history of automobiles as well as alpinism.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road - couple on hike
Grossglockner High Alpine Road

October Hohenwerfen Castle

What, it's October already? Before winter sets in for good, you simply have to pay a visit to Castle Hohenwerfen. There it sits, enthroned majestically above the Salzach river valley, birds of prey circling above the battlements of this ancient fortification. Take advantage of one of the last warm days to admire the fascinating aerial artistry of these feathered hunters during the bird-of-prey show, visit a special exhibition about the legendary sorcerer known as "Jackl", descend into the dark dungeons, and enjoy the view from atop the bell tower.

Hohenwerfen Fortress - falconer with a bird of prey on his glove in the open-air area on the Lindenwiese
Hohenwerfen Fortress - Birds of prey show

November Salzwelten Salzburg

Popular superstition would have it that chimney sweeps bring good luck. The miners who accompany you on your journey through the salt mine deep inside the Dürrnberg look very much like those lucky chaps, at least when it comes to their uniforms. Furthermore, salt is also said to guarantee good fortune within your own household. So as you can see: This is just one of many reasons to plan a fascinating visit to this salt mine. And even if you don't believe in lucky charms, this particular excursion will be rewarding nonetheless. For, with underground slides, a raft ride across a subterranean salt lake and a visit to the first-ever Austrian salt manufactory open to the general public, you will most definitely inject a dose of adventure into the closing months of the year.

Salzwelten Salzburg - Visitors in the mine with exhibition on the history of salt mining
Salzwelten Salzburg - Exhibition on the history of salt mining

December Wonderful Christmas Markets

In December, you will most definitely be spoiled for choices. But one thing is for certain: Visiting a Christmas market is an absolute "must". From Hellbrunn Advent Magic, to the markets held at Salzburg's castles, and the "Adventroas" at the Open-Air Museum, the decision is all yours. You will find an overview of the most beautiful Advent markets in Salzburg in our special article.

Hellbrunn Palace & Water Games - View of the Advent Market at Christmas Time
Hellbrunn Palace & Water Games - View of the Advent Market at Christmas Time