Cool tips for hot days: The best excursion destinations when Salzburger Land heats up

Eisriesenwelt Werfen Giant Ice Caves - path through ice formations inside the cave
Eisriesenwelt Werfen Giant Ice Caves - Ice formations inside the cave

When, in summer, the thermometer climbs above 30 degrees Celsius, even the most beautiful trip can become very demanding – especially when children are part of the picture. How good it is, then, that there are so many sightseeing attractions and excursion destinations in Salzburg that can be enjoyed without any stress. Here you will find tips for those places in Salzburg that allow you to keep a cool head despite hot weather conditions.


Because of its extraordinary location high above the Salzach River Valley, there is always a slight breeze that wafts around Burg Hohenwerfen. Which makes this imposing fortified castle a rewarding destination even on hot days. Whether knightly games in the castle keep or the bird-of-prey show on the Falkenwiese: Even in the sunshine, this is a great place to spend some time. But if it is too warm for you nonetheless, simply retreat behind the thick castle walls, where there is so much to discover, including a gruesome torture chamber and panoramic views from the bell tower. No wonder that Burg Hohenwerfen is one of Salzburg’s most popular family excursion destinations.


Erlebnisburg Hohenwerfen
Burgstraße 2, A-5450 Werfen

Hohenwerfen Fortress - falconer with a bird of prey on his glove in the open-air area on the Lindenwiese
Hohenwerfen Fortress - Birds of prey show


Rain or shine: Deep inside the mountain, it is a refreshing 10 degrees Celsius year-round. So, if you are searching for a short timeout from the summer temps (or summer rain), Salzburg’s most fascinating salt mine will be the perfect address for you. That said, you certainly won’t be “chillin’” as you travel through those ancient mine galleries. As you slither down the wooden slides once used by the miners, for example. Or when you take a boat ride across a subterranean salt lake. Once your tour of the mine is over and we have rekindled your longing for sunlight, the Celtic Village next door promises plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun and games.


Salzwelten Salzburg
Ramsaustraße 3, A-5422 Bad Dürrnberg

Salzwelten Salzburg - visitors on the raft ride across the salt lake in the mine
Salzwelten Salzburg - Salt lake in the mine


Salzburg’s magnificent Baroque buildings aren’t only beautiful to look at, they also work wonders when it comes to room climate. Behind the thick walls of the Cathedral, St. Peter’s Abbey and the Residenz, it stays nice and cool even during the summer months. Much to the joy of visitors who are all the more able to concentrate on the incredible wealth of art treasures on display during the museum tour. An incredible 400 years of art history await you during this museum tour unlike any other worldwide. Almost too much for a single day? You are expressly invited to return for a second visit.


DomQuartier Salzburg
Residenzplatz 1/Domplatz 1a, A-5020 Salzburg

DomQuartier Salzburg - In the Carabinierisaal with ceiling fresco "Neptune tames the winds"
DomQuartier Salzburg - In the Carabinierisaal with ceiling fresco "Neptune tames the winds"


If ever there were a place that lived up to our expectations of a natural icebox, it would definitely be the fascinating World of Ice Giants in Werfen. As the name suggests, here you will find lots and lots of ice. No wonder, then, that the world’s biggest ice cave explored to date isn’t merely a breathtaking spectacle, but also a popular attraction. Equipped with lanterns, you will forge deep inside the Tennengebirge, where mighty ice formations guarantee astonished faces. The same rule applies in summer: Sturdy shoes and warm clothing are a must.


Eisriesenwelt Werfen
Eishohlenstrasse 30, A-5450 Werfen

Eisriesenwelt Werfen - man on the ice with a view of the icicles of the ice organ inside the cave
Eisriesenwelt Werfen - man on the ice with a view of the icicles of the ice organ inside the cave


The name “Trick Fountains” makes no secret of the fact that this attraction will offer the cool-down you long for. Whether those sly water jets or the Mannerist grottos: The next source of refreshment is never more than an arm’s length away. And along the way, the entertaining tour of the Trick Fountains will also reveal all kinds of exciting and intriguing facts about the life and times of its builder. Prince-Archbishop Markus Sittikus built his Hellbrunn pleasure palace over 400 years ago for the amusement of his guests. And nothing of that has changed to this day.


Schloss Hellbrunn
Fürstenweg 37, A-5020 Salzburg

Hellbrunn Palace & Water Games - Germaul in the Neptune Grotto
Hellbrunn Palace & Water Games - Germaul in the Neptune Grotto


In the fine mists of mighty Krimml Waterfalls, you can cool off marvelously, even at the height of summer. Furthermore, the mist from the waterfall isn’t just refreshing. It also cleans the respiratory passages naturally. Krimml Worlds of Water likewise focuses on this elixir of life. The modern interactive center at the foot of the waterfalls offers an exciting presentation of water in its many facets, but also plenty of opportunities to splash, paddle and have fun. Ideal for kids … but not only them.


Krimmler WasserWelten
Oberkrimml 45, A-5743 Krimml

Krimml Worlds of Water - Youth group in the "Aquapark" with water fun and Kneipp delights
Krimml Worlds of Water - Youth group in the "Aquapark"


Did you know that marmots shy away from the heat? As the temperatures rise, these high-alpine rodents withdraw into their burrows, with the furry creatures only reemerging when conditions are more pleasant. That’s undoubtedly one reason these cute animals feel so at home on the Grossglockner. After all, even in mid-summer the temperatures around the highest peak in Austria are generally very pleasant. Let’s not forget, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, with its majestic curves, takes you up to an elevation of over 2500 meters above sea level. So, please don’t forget your sunblock!


Großglockner Hochalpenstraße
Taxenbacher Fusch 96
A-5672 Fusch a.d. Großglocknerstraße

Grossglockner High Alpine Road - View from the Edelweiss Peak to the curved High Alpine Road
Grossglockner High Alpine Road - View from the Edelweiss Peak to the curved High Alpine Road


What goes for the Grossglockner, also goes for the mighty reservoirs located close to Kaprun. Here, the elevation alone guarantees air that is pleasantly cool. The sight of the turquoise water does the rest. But if you only come here for the weather conditions, you will miss out on the best part. There is so much to experience and discover about this masterpiece of technology. Intriguing theme paths and hiking trails, via ferratas, as well as a tour of the actual dam during which you will learn all about how it was constructed and the interplay of nature and technology. An incredible experience, also for the kids!


Hochgebirgsstauseen Kaprun
Kassa: Kesselfallstraße 98, A-5710 Kaprun

Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - woman at the attraction Flying Fox at Mooserboden
Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - Flying Fox at Mooserboden


This historic castle in the Salzburger Lungau region added yet another highlight just recently. One that is a perfect match for the mid-summer temperatures: Since spring 2022, an idyllic walking path leads through the natural countryside surrounding the castle, crossing two mountain streams and a waterfall. The flowing water guarantees pleasant temperatures with every step you take. As for the old toll castle itself, it always remains nice and cool inside its sturdy walls. Ideal conditions, then, to immerse yourself completely on those hot days in a fascinating world of knights and ladies of the castle.


Burg Mauterndorf
Markt 27, A-5570 Mauterndorf

Mauterndorf Castle - children at the playground in the castle courtyard
Mauterndorf Castle - children at the playground in the castle courtyard


You can enjoy a relaxed visit to the Salzburg open-air museum when the temperatures are high. The natural forest landscape around the Salzburg Untersberg provides plenty of shade on the large, natural area. In between, you can take a ride on the museum train or visit the shady outdoor dining area in the Salettl restaurant. Absolute highlight for children: the large children’s playground with a fountain and lots of water fun.


Salzburger Freilichtmuseum
Hasenweg 1, A-5084 Großgmain

Salzburger Freilichtmuseum - view of the museum railroad that covers the area for 1,7 km
Salzburger Freilichtmuseum - view of the museum railroad that covers the area for 1,7 km