elemental power

Rock, water, ice: For thousands of years, these elements have shaped the landscapes of the Pinzgau, making it the perfect region for holiday adventures of every kind. For example, during a visit to the  Grossglockner High-Alpine Road, which leads deep inside Hohe Tauern National Park where it links the Austrian provinces of Salzburg and Carinthia. This road doesn't merely invite you to drive, but also to stop, pause and enjoy: be that in order to take a hike along the Marmot Path and observe these charming alpine rodents up close, or to visit one of the exciting exhibitions on the Kaiser-Franz-Josephs-Höhe at the base of the Pasterze glacier.

You also encounter jaw-dropping nature at Krimml Waterfalls. Dropping a grand total of 380 meters, they are one of the most impressive natural wonders in Europe. Located right next to the falls is an ultra-modern visitor center where you can explore water in all its facets.

You are also faced with the immense power of water when you visit the third excursion highlight in Pinzgau: theKaprun High-Mountain Reservoirs. To this very day, the mighty dam walls are regarded as masterpieces of engineering. And they are the starting point for beautiful hikes of all difficulty levels. There is even a fixed-cable climb here, taking you along the dam itself. As you can see: During a holiday spent in the Salzburger Pinzgau, you are flanked by an extraordinary world on every single step you take.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road - mountain panorama with view of Wilhelm Swarovski observatory
Grossglockner High Alpine Road - Wilhelm Swarovski observatory
Grossglockner High Alpine Road - close up of a group of marmots
Grossglockner High Alpine Road - Marmots
Krimml Worlds of Water - Woman in front of the impressive Krimml Waterfalls
Krimml Worlds of Water - Krimml Waterfalls
Krimml Worlds of Water - children enjoying water fun and Kneipp in the outdoor "Aquapark" facility
Krimml Worlds of Water - Water fun and Kneipp in the outdoor "Aquapark" facility
Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - Couple with backpacks hiking at Mooserboden reservoir
Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - Mooserboden reservoir
Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - In front of the Verbund Info Center with mascot and exhibited water turbines
Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs -Information centre with water turbines

The Pinzgau in Numbers

The highest point of the Glockner Road, the Edelweißspitze, is located at 2504 m above sea level.

The Glockner Road leads you through a series of 36 hairpin bends.

The Kaprun High-Mountain Reservoirs lie at an elevation of 2040 meters.

450,000 m³ of water plunge over the Krimml Waterfalls every single day.

Krimml Worlds of Water - Exterior view of the Wasserfallzentrum
Krimml Worlds of Water - Exterior view of the Wasserfallzentrum

Krimml Worlds of Water

Krimml Worlds of Water is a marvelous interactive excursion experience. Close to the tallest waterfalls in Europe, you are invited to play, experiment and marvel. It reveals to visitors the fascinating world of this wet element, and further emphasizes what a valuable commodity our drinking water truly is.


Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - panoramic view of the Mooserboden Reservoir
Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - The Mooserboden Reservoir

Kaprun High-Mountain Reservoirs

Experience the power of water and a world of eternal ice. Using modern buses for the transfer as well as the Lärchwand funicular, the biggest of its kind in all of Europe, you will make your way to the Upper Kaprun Valley, a mountain region with some of the most abundant waters in Austria.


Grossglockner High Alpine Road - glacier road with view of the Grossglockner
Grossglockner High Alpine Road - Glacier road of Grossglockner

Grossglockner High-Alpine Road

Where you will be bursting with happiness. For over 80 years, the Grossglockner High-Alpine Road has been one of the most beautiful roads in the Alps. Every year, roughly 850,000 visitors from around the world drive along this 48 kilometers-long road, including a seven-kilometers stage that is extraordinarily scenic.