Salzburg with Children: The Best Excursion Tips

Krimml Worlds of Water - children enjoying water fun and Kneipp in the outdoor "Aquapark" facility
Krimml Worlds of Water - Water fun and Kneipp in the outdoor "Aquapark" facility

When the kids go on vacation, fun and adventure are on the program. It’s a good thing that numerous attractions in Salzburg are specialized in the needs of families. Find out where families can enjoy themselves indoors and out in the province of Salzburg.

Romantic candlelight dinners and hours of shopping: When your children are with you on holiday, you can forget about these ideas right away. Your children will complain that these things are “too boring”, because they want exciting and entertaining leisure programs, fun and adventure in nature. And if there’s a museum then it ought to have an exciting educational program for children. The good news is that the province of Salzburg offers a lot of suitable excursion destinations for all ages that are really fun.


A ride on a traditional mine train, a spectacular sliding experience, and rafting across a subterranean salt lake: A visit to Salzwelten Salzburg can always be counted on for pure enjoyment. You will also learn a lot during this adventurous journey through the mine: from the history of salt mining, which once made this province and its rulers so wealthy, to the importance of this valuable food product in today’s world. There is much to discover, and not only underground. In Salina Celtic Village, an authentic replica, visitors big and small develop a true sense of what real life was like for people over 2000 years ago. Meanwhile, a big theme playground promises nonstop fun for the youngsters. And always there when you need it: the Salzwelten app, with interactive games, augmented-reality functions, and information galore.


Salzwelten Salzburg
Ramsaustraße 3, A-5422 Bad Dürrnberg

Salzwelten Salzburg - Children in the mine on the Sally tour
Salzwelten Salzburg - Sally tour


In Mauterndorf Castle there is much to discover. With the help of an audio guide for children, everyone can explore this castle in the Lungau region on their own and immerse themselves in the Middle Ages. At the castle you will find, among other things, life-size figures, a wardrobe with medieval clothing for dressing up, a rock cellar and a spectacular knight’s playground. There, the little ones can let off steam to their heart’s content, while mom and dad relax with a glass of wine on the panorama terrace of the castle tavern.


Burg Mauterndorf
Markt 27, A-5570 Mauterndorf

Mauterndorf Castle - view of the castle from the toll station
Mauterndorf Castle - The Castle


“Let the water spray!” is the motto in the warmer months in Hellbrunn. Because the trick fountains open their doors and invite you on very special adventures. During an entertaining tour through the trick fountains, you or someone else could get doused with water, because the water sprays unexpectedly from all directions. Archbishop Markus Sittikus had this complex built in 1615 and astonished, entertained and played pranks on his guests. Another special feature of the trick fountains are the figures moved by hydropower and the water-spouting deer. For children, the palace holds special highlights – including a larger than life unicorn. Under the motto “SchauLust – The Unexpected World of Markus Sittikus” ten rooms have been redesigned and equipped with a sophisticated lighting system. In the context of the exhibition you will learn more details about the prince-archbishop and his time.


Schloss Hellbrunn
Fürstenweg 37, A-5020 Salzburg

Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains - Children follow the path through the park and the water games with the help of the audio guide
Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains - Trick Fountains


A one of a kind experience is also provided by the Krimml Worlds of Water. The multimedia-designed area offers an underwater world of adventure, exciting exhibitions, an aqua park and aqua games, as well as a visit to the famous Krimml Waterfalls. Not just your children will be thrilled by the rush of the water and the spray of the waterfall. In the Aquaszenarium in the waterfall center you can also go underwater and virtually float through the waters of the Krimml Ache waterfall. A very special panorama is offered on the terrace of the WasserWunderBar, which invites you to partake in refreshments and on which your day trip can come to a relaxing conclusion.


Krimmler WasserWelten
Oberkrimml, A-5743 Krimml

Krimml Worlds of Water - Youth group in the "Aquapark" with water fun and Kneipp delights
Krimml Worlds of Water - Youth group in the "Aquapark"


Not far from the city of Salzburg, at the foot of the Untersberg mountain in Grossgmain, is the Salzburg Open Air Museum. Here you can see 100 reconstructed original buildings from the fields of agriculture, crafts, rural trades and agrarian industry from 600 years of Salzburg history. The Open Air Museum invites children to let off steam at various stations: from the adventure playground to a historic classroom to the butterfly adventure trail and the animal enclosure. A must for families is also a ride on the museum train.


Salzburger Freilichtmuseum
Hasenweg 1, A-5084 Großgmain

Salzburg Open Air Museum  - view of the museum railroad that covers the area for 2 km
Salzburg Open Air Museum - Museum railway


At around 2,000 meters above sea level, a unique experience awaits both young and old. The high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun are not only a feast for the eyes, but also a varied adventure playground due to their beautiful natural spectacle. In the Höhenburg via ferrata arena, there are three via ferratas with different levels of difficulty, which invite you to enjoy sport- and pleasure climbing for children 8 years old and up and since June 2017 you can also scramble up the Mobo 107 – the world’s highest via ferrata directly on a dam wall. The topics of hydropower and energy production are made accessible to children at special adventure playgrounds, and in July and August, dam wall tours for the little ones take place.


Hochgebirgsstauseen Kaprun
Kassa: Kesselfallstraße 98, A-5710 Kaprun

Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - children with goat and sheep on the Fürthermoaralm
Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs - Fürthermoarhut